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hardwood flooring reston vaAt Total Flooring, your hardwood flooring Reston VA needs are well met with our team of flooring Reston VA professionals. We have 20 years of experience working with all kinds of hardwood floor materials, from standard American hardwood flooring Reston VA to exotic wood floors such as Brazilian cherry, chestnut, teak, and walnut. Give us a call for all your hardwood flooring Reston VA needs, including hardwood floor refinishing Reston VA. Out of many different materials that your floor could be made out of, hardwood flooring is one of the best and most beautiful options. Of the many things hardwood floors have to offer your home and your family or business, among them are:

Great air quality. Hardwood floors aren’t able to absorb or harbor bacteria, dirt, dust, mold, or mites the way some floors are. Choose hardwood floors to keep your family, home, and business safe and breathing quality indoor air. Easy to clean. You have many options for when it comes time to clean your hardwood flooring Reston VA, and there’s often no need to drag out the vacuum or mop, which can be ideal in a place of business. Many hardwood flooring options are low-maintenance and don’t need expensive products to stay beautiful and clean.


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Sustainability is huge in today’s world, and you want to know that you’re giving back to the planet when you use hardwood flooring Reston VA in your home. Total Flooring is committed to adhering to green practices to keep you and your family safe. Your hardwood flooring Reston VA will last for years, and the best part is, your hardwood floors will also be repairable should something happen or you need hardwood floor refinishing Reston VA. Let our experts at Total Flooring repair your hardwood floors or refinish them if needed.




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flooring reston vaNo matter your reason for choosing hardwood flooring Reston VA, hardwood floors are a great choice. Whether you need hardwood flooring Reston VA at your office or home, Total Flooring can help you design and create the floor of your dreams. If you already have your perfect floor but it’s been worn and damaged over the years, let us help you restore it to its natural stunning beauty for your hardwood floor refinishing Reston VA needs.

Scratches? Dents? Scuffs? Worn spots? We can help you out. When it comes time for your hardwood floor refinishing Reston VA, we’ve got what you need at Total Flooring: a team of experts, a vast selection of choices, and a perfect installation. We’ll discuss your perfect hardwood flooring Reston VA with you and get it back to what it was when it was new. If you’re refinishing your floors due to a home renovation or a change in colors, design, and layout, we can help you design the perfect solution.


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For your hardwood floor refinishing Reston VA, we can help you decide which finish will look best in your new space. Don’t waste time or money on companies that can’t deliver on the remarkable customer service and selection that we at Total Flooring can provide—who else to give you your perfect floor than a local company that has been serving the Reston community for 20 years? We know how to make your floor beautiful again and keep you and your family safe and happy for your hardwood floor refinishing Reston VA.



Hardwood Floor Refinishing Reston Va

hardwood floor refinishing reston vaDon’t stress about the installation process for your hardwood flooring Reston VA—we’ll take care of everything. Our full project management team will take care of the installation from day one. Your hardwood flooring Reston VA will be delivered to your home and given the proper time to acclimate in order to be the perfect fit for your floors. Our team will then come and install the hardwood floors according to what we’ve discussed during the design process. You’ll be excited to see your beautiful new floors installed in your home or office—the life and character that your unique choice and design will bring to your personal space is unparalleled. At Total Flooring, the installation process for your hardwood flooring Reston VA is a breeze. We promise you won’t be worrying about a thing while our team of experts gets in, gets the job done, and cleans up after the work is completed. We’re sure you’ll love your new flooring Reston VA with us.


AAt Total Flooring there’s only one thing we love more than flooring—our customers. With 20 years of keeping our customers satisfied, we continue to do so every day because we take pride in our work and our quality craftsmanship. We understand the flooring process better than anyone, and our team of professionals is here to deliver. Give us a call for all your flooring Reston VA needs!