Flooring Chantilly Va

hardwood flooring chantilly vaLooking for a company that’s got years of experience and a great reputation for pleasing its customers isn’t easy to find. At Total Flooring, we’re proud of our reputation of being trusted in the Chantilly area for 20 years of giving our clients beautiful hardwood floors. For your hardwood flooring Chantilly VA, we’ve got the options, expertise, and perfect installation process that you need for your flooring Chantilly VA job. Total Flooring is proud to serve the Chantilly community.

When you’re considering hardwood flooring Chantilly VA for your home or office, you’ve got some great benefits to consider. Unlike carpet and other flooring materials, hardwood flooring does not hold bacteria, mold, or dust. Create and maintain positive indoor air quality by installing hardwood flooring Chantilly VA. Besides helping to keep your air clean and your family safe, hardwood floors are beautiful. For your flooring Chantilly VA, Total Flooring has a wide range of brands and options to choose from.


Flooring In A Wide Variety

We work with standard domestic hardwood flooring as well as exotic flooring. You’ll be an integral part of the design process to choose which width, thickness, style, brand, colors, and any unique features you want in your hardwood flooring Chantilly VA design. At Total Flooring, we’ve got the experience and expertise to create a custom design with you to enhance your home’s features. When it comes to hardwood flooring Chantilly VA, we at Total Flooring know that no two homes or floors will be the same. For flooring Chantilly VA, we desire to give you that custom look just as much as you do. Trust Total Flooring to deliver on your beautiful hardwood flooring job.

If you already have great hardwood flooring Chantilly VA installed but it’s been covered by carpet for years or is showing signs of excessive wear such as scratches, stains, or scuffs, let Total Flooring refinish your hardwood floors. You’ll be glad you did!




Hardwood Flooring Chantilly

flooring chantilly vaRefinishing your hardwood floors can be a huge project to undertake yourself. Without the professional experience, knowledge, and expertise, the hardwood floor refinishing Chantilly VA job can take weeks, upheave dangerous chemicals in your home, and may not even be able to be completed. Don’t wait until you’ve gotten stuck in your hardwood floor refinishing Chantilly VA to call a professional—Total Flooring is an expert company at refinishing your hardwood floors. No matter what your circumstances for wanting hardwood floor refinishing Chantilly VA are, Total Flooring can help you out. Our professional team commits to green standards to help keep your home or office safe while the refinishing project is taking place. Not quite ready for hardwood floor refinishing Chantilly VA and just want to make a repair? Not a problem. We have all your flooring solutions at Total Flooring, and we’re proud to help you make repairs on your hardwood floors.


New Floor Installation Chantilly Virginia


Our experience in Northern Virginia and the surrounding communities is an integral part of why we give back to the communities that we serve for hardwood flooring Chantilly VA. That’s why we support the Northern Virginia Special Olympics every year. We also take part in Fairfax Families 4 Kids, helping kids who may have otherwise aged out of the foster system without a family find their perfect adoptive family. Trust a local company who engages with the communities they serve for your flooring Chantilly VA needs. Refinishing your hardwood floor is cost effective and can make your home look beautiful again. For your hardwood floor refinishing Chantilly VA, call Total Flooring for your free estimate.



Hardwood Floor Refinishing Chantilly Va

hardwood floor refinishing chantilly vaAt Total Flooring, we’re here to take the hassle out of your hardwood flooring Chantilly VA installation. Whether the installation will be taking place at your home or office, trust Total Flooring to make the process as smooth as possible. We help you properly prepare for the installation and get you ready to have your beautiful new floor installed. Our team assumes full project management responsibility so you won’t have to worry about a thing during the installation. Total Flooring’s experts will let your wood adjust to the proper temperature, ensuring a seamless installation. When it’s time for the installation to happen, you’ll feel safe and confident with our green flooring promise that your home will remain safe and toxin-free during the installation. Afterwards, your friends, family, or clients will marvel at the unique design and beautiful hardwood floor you’ve chosen at Total Flooring.


Trust the experts to come and do your flooring Chantilly VA job, whether it be hardwood floor refinishing Chantilly VA or just getting brand-new flooring installed in your home or office. We’re confident you’ll love working with us and that you’ll love your new hardwood floor even more in Chantilly.