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hardwood flooring arlington vaWhen you’re looking for a premier hardwood flooring company in Arlington, you’re looking for Total Flooring. From our vast selection of materials and manufacturers to our flawless design and customer service, we’ve got what you need to choose the best flooring for your home or business in Arlington. We know the process of designing, choosing, and installing hardwood flooring Arlington VA can be a hassle, but we’re here to help you enjoy this process of beautifying your space and get excited about your new hardwood floors.

We help you create a custom design for your hardwood flooring Arlington VA. We work with you to help determine what material, cut, thickness, finish, and layout will work perfectly for your flooring Arlington VA. Our 20 years of experience lets you know that we know how to get the job done right the first time. As our customer, you will always be our number one priority for your hardwood flooring Arlington VA. Our team takes on full project management of your flooring Arlington VA, so you won’t have to worry about anything except making great choices for your space.


Flooring In A Wide Variety

In addition to our experienced team, our 20 years in service have also given us time to build up a large network of providers to bring you the largest selection of hardwood flooring options. For your flooring Arlington VA, don’t settle for a company that can’t provide you with options or design. Let our vast network of providers and brands help you choose the flooring that will be best for you. Having options makes your decision process easier because you’ll never have to settle for something you don’t want or like for hardwood flooring Arlington VA.




Hardwood Flooring Arlington

flooring arlington vaGot some great hardwood floors but they’ve gotten their use out of them? Hardwood floor refinishing Arlington VA is one of our specialties, and refinishing your old hardwood floors is a great option when the time comes to either repair or replace. We specialize in refinishing your hardwood floors so you don’t have to. Refinishing hardwood floors as a do-it-yourself project takes time, equipment, and aggravation. Not to mention hardwood floor refinishing Arlington VA can be hazardous from dust, debris, and chemicals that you’ll be introducing into your home’s indoor air quality. Don’t put yourself or your family through the stress of refinishing your hardwood flooring Arlington VA; keep everyone safe and let us come in and do the job for you.


New Floor Installation Annandale Virginia


If your hardwood floors are scratched, stained, worn, or scuffed beyond what any cleaning product can fix, give us a call at Total Flooring. Our team will come in and give you an estimate for the refinishing costs, and then we’ll sit with you to discuss what you envision for your hardwood floor refinishing Arlington VA. Maybe you’d like to change the color of the flooring to match your new color scheme, or maybe they’re just so marked up that you need a serious refinishing job with a durable surface finish. For your hardwood floor refinishing Arlington VA, we’ve got everything you need to make this process as quick and painless as possible. In fact, we bet you’ll even enjoy the process. Getting your old hardwood floor refinished is less expensive and gives you the chance to customize your flooring at a fraction of the price of new floors. For your hardwood floor refinishing Arlington VA, let Total Floors give you the refinishing job you’ve been dreaming of.



Hardwood Floor Refinishing Arlington Va

hardwood floor refinishing arlington vaOnce you’ve worked with us to pick out your hardwood flooring Arlington VA for your business or home, we get the materials delivered to your home or business to let them acclimate. This process is important for your flooring Arlington VA because the natural wood—whether it be bamboo, reclaimed wood, or cork—needs time to adjust to the temperature of your home or business. After the waiting period is over, our crew comes to install your hardwood flooring.

While many people see the installation of hardwood flooring Arlington VA as something stressful, we work hard to make the process as stress-free and enjoyable for you as possible. As a company that prides itself on installing green flooring, you won’t have to worry about toxic chemicals or dust in your home. Our team takes all measures to ensure that your home is safe and debris-free both during and after the installation process. Choose green flooring with confidence and keep your home, business, and family healthy and safe with our green flooring choices.


At Total Flooring, we’ve got all your needs covered in Arlington. Whether you’re looking to have hardwood floor refinishing Arlington VA done or just hardwood flooring Arlington VA, choose Total Flooring for all your flooring Arlington VA needs. With our green background, wide variety of options, and our stellar customer service, you’ll feel like family when working with us in Virginia.