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Virginia Special Olympics


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Virginia ASPCA

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We believe in giving back to the communities we serve

We belive that that it is our responsibility to give back to the communities that we live in. We activly participate in many community and charity related events throughout the Northern Virginia area.



Special Olympics

When some people think of the Special Olympics, they think of community service and an activity that looks good on college or job applications. What they do not think about is how amazing the experience is. People need to learn to appreciate life and hard work, and in order to do, this they should volunteer for the Special Olympics, which is much more than helping athletes compete. It is a great opportunity to experience enthusiasm, joy and personal achievement.


The Special Olympics is a good chance to put into action what many people claim to believe: being tolerant of others who are different as well as appreciating the differences that we all bring. Looking back at all of our time with the Special Olympics I now know that this is really true. There is no place that separates abilities of people more than on the fields of competition, yet in Special Olympics there is such an appreciation of differences and a powerful force of acceptance. I found myself talking, laughing and supporting my peers whose challenges like Downs Syndrome or autism disappeared between us as we focused on the competitions that they faced. We will continue our support of the Special Olympics, now and far into the future.


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Fairfax Families 4 Kids

Was many as 20 teens in foster care leave the system without a family. Unable to return safely to their parents or relatives, they have waited and waited to be adopted, but no one ever stepped forward to adopt them. The kids who wait are usually African American and are age 9 or older when they enter foster
care. They have emotional, medical and educational needs. Many have lived in a series of foster homes or residential facilities. Foster parents and residential facilities do their best, but they usually cannot provide the one basic element that is crucial – a long-lasting connection to a caring adult. A child without a parent misses so much that other children take for granted: someone to help with school work, to praise an accomplishment, to celebrate a birthday – a place to call home. Children who grow up without the nurturing and attention of a parent are less likely to do well in school and are more likely to have delays
in growth, learning disabilities and psychological problems.


You can be part of the solution to improve the lives and futures of these children. Every year in Fairfax County, Lasting connections through weekend activities We recruit and train host and adoptive families, support families during the weekend process, prepare children for adoption and participation in the weekend visits, help host families plan weekend activities, screen interested adoptive families, manage the adoption process and provide information about the program at community meetings and events. Fairfax Families4Kids is working to engage the community to support the children by creating partnerships with civic, social, fraternal and faith organizations. We conduct community education programs and run group weekend events for the kids and interested families. Fairfax Families4Kids is an initiative of the Fairfax County Department of Family Services, Foster Care and Adoption program. We can work together to find families for our kids.


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