Why To Pick Hardwood Floor

Is Hardwood Flooring Your Best Choice?


When choosing the right flooring material for your home, you want to consider all your options, from tile to laminate to hardwood.

Hardwood floors offer an alluring comfort, personality, and warmth that’s hard to resist. With all the benefits of hardwood for your floors, it’s easy to see why this material is a timelessly popular option for homes everywhere.

Here’s what to consider when evaluating the benefits of hardwood flooring to decide if this material is the best choice for your home.


The Level of Customization You Want


Hardwood FlooringHardwood flooring provides something that few other materials can offer—the ability to completely customize your look. Other floors can’t replicate the complexity and beauty that comes with natural hardwood’s unique features.

You have the option of choosing solid hardwood for areas such as kitchens or living rooms or engineered hardwood for areas such as bathrooms, as engineered hardwood will be less likely to respond to humidity and temperature changes by bowing or shrinking.

Hardwood floors can match any décor you can imagine—from contemporary, wide-plank floors to an intricate, elegantly distressed appearance, you can make hardwood floors feel like a natural part of your space. With so many species and finishes, you can create a distinctive look that’s unique to your home.


How Durable You’d Like Your Floor to Be


Hardwood floors boast durability as one of their main benefits. In addition to being versatile in their design, most species of hardwoods have the potential to last a lifetime—from 25 years to over 100 years!

Some of the most durable species of hardwood include oak, hickory, maple, and cherry. Exotic species such as Brazilian cherry tend to be among the hardest woods available. These floors are resistant to scratches and dents and have the best potential to hold up well over time.

Although your hardwood floors may never need to be replaced, it’s recommended that you refinish your hardwood floors as often as necessary. Typically, hardwood floors will need to be refinished approximately every 10-12 years—depending on how much use they get and if they’ve experienced any damage. Depending on your choice of species and finish, hardwoods can be refinished between three and five times, making them an investment that lasts a lifetime.


Ease of Maintenance and Cleanliness


Natural Hardwood FlooringIf you want floors that require minimal effort to maintain, hardwood floors should be one of your top choices. They’re simple to clean and to keep clean, as they don’t harbor bacteria like other materials, such as carpet. They’re not able to trap dust and other allergens, which can continue to contaminate the household even after cleaning.

Depending on what type of finish you choose for your hardwood floors, cleaning is a two-step process: simply sweep or vacuum, then mop with a microfiber cloth and a bit of water or another cleaning solution. You’re done!

The warmth of hardwood floors combined with their resilience and personality makes them a popular choice for people who want a cleaner flooring option as opposed to carpet but a more comfortable walking surface than tile. Since hardwood floors require low maintenance, you’re able to enjoy your floors more and maintain them less.


Is Hardwood Right for You?


If you want the best flooring option for your entire home or just a few rooms, make hardwood one of your top considerations. Its benefits extend far beyond its durability—the value and beauty it brings to a home are unmatched by many other flooring options. When it’s time to shop for floors, get in touch with your local flooring experts to determine if hardwood is the best choice for your home!



Quick Tips About Why To Pick Hardwood Flooring
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Quick Tips About Why To Pick Hardwood Flooring
When choosing the right flooring material for your home, you want to consider all your options, from tile to laminate to hardwood.
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